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Fur Services: At our L.A. Moves Location

Fur Storage 

  • On site, climate controlled cold storage in secure/monitored vault
  • Storing your fur products, including fur accessories, in a warm environment can cause major damage to the condition and texture of your fur investment. Maintain your fur and avoid climate damage by storing with us today!

Fur Pickup and Delivery 

  • Schedule an appointment, and we will pickup/deliver your coat

Fur Restyle and Tailoring

  • On site professional Furrier to adjust your coat perfectly for you 

Cleaning and Glazing 

  •  Keep your Fur, Leather, and Shearling products in great condition


  • Need an estimate on your Fur? Come speak to our experts and we will provide you with the best possible price


  • Repair torn or damaged Fur, Leather and Shearling products
  • Re-line Coats
  • Monogram Makeover




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L.A. Moves
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